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I offer a comprehensive suite of personal training and rehabilitation services. I service a variety of clients through all different parts of their fitness Journey.

One part of your journey could be small group fitness classes at F45 Fitness, or 1 on 1 classes and kinesiology at The Athlete Den. You can also access pre-programmed workouts through my app to do at your own home or gym.

You can also get customized meal plans to fit any diet or restrictions, and custom stretching plans for your individual issues.

Most importantly, you get check-ins to keep you on your routine, and support along the way for any questions.

This is your journey, and I'm here to guide you along the way!


F45 Fitness - 1455 Harvey Ave., Kelowna

Focused on 45 minute classes, specifically designed to provide a full-body workout to improve energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance

Fast 45 is a high-intensity interval training classes intended to get you in, working, and out, in 45 minutes. Perfect for busy people like you! Circuits will take you from one activity to the next, from strength to cardio and even hybrids - a mix of both.

F45 is a global chain with roots in Australia. The workouts and schedule are in alignment with the best and most recent science in fitness. Mon/Wed are for cardio, Tues/Thurs/Sun for strength, and Fri/Sat you can tackle hybrid workouts to really test your limits. Flexibility classes are available every day - rest is as important as work!

Catch Syd there three times a week!
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f45 crew

The F45 Kelowna Team

the Athlete Den - 3320 Richter St., Kelowna

The Athlete Den focuses on amateur and professional sport development, with tools you won't find anywhere else. They offer kinesiology, osteopathy, shockwave therapy, normatech compression and more.

Athlete's Den is a private training gym, where we can work together at your pace, ability, and schedule. Get individualized, private training to firm up the foundations of your workout, or take it to the next level.


The Den

SB Movement & Wellness - App

A fitness app that allows clients to browse and purchase different types of programs such as strength, functional and stretching programs for all different fitness levels (Beginner, intermediate or advanced). It can be certain long week programs (ex. 6 weeks) or they can purchase these programs forever.

I want to help my clients hit their goals and be stronger not just physically but mentally. It will allow all types of clients to focus on fitness goals and work towards being a better, stronger version of themselves. Strive for determination, focus on strength, love yourself.

You'll need to be a client to access anything on the app. Once you are you can login or download the app here.

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The app